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YINGFENG  Optical  Components  Limited , based in Zhejiang China , branched in  Shenzhen ,China .Manufacturing optical fiber connector kit and compoents , optical fiber fast connector /field assembly connector , optical fiber adapter and adapterscomponents , optical fiber attenuator and optical fiber patch cord / optical fiber pigtail …  From mold /tooling design ,we do in our own production line . Also , we can get competitive price from quality suppliers :  optical fiber ferrule , optical fiber sleeve ,Optical fiber splitter/PLC , ODF , fiber splice protection … you name
With  high  reputation, we  believe “ Quality over Everything “.
With rich experiences:
The same products , we offer dozens of types/styles ,color ,lengths … everything can be customized  in YF …
History  of  YINGFENG (YF )
1982 – started  from  molding designing Zhejiang,China
1996- YF optical fiber business started .
2000- YF focus all her efforts to optical fiber  business .
2006-  YF Shenzhen branch started .
2014-YF industrial park finished  in Zhejiang ,China .
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Contact Information :
Zhejiang Factory : Yingfeng Industrial Park , Binhai Industrial Zone ,  XiDian town ,Ninghai County ,Zhejiang,China .
Shenzhen Branch : 5F,BldgB,Zhangge Industrial Park ,Guanlan Town,Bao'an District ,Shenzhen,China
Inquiry:  sales@yfoptical.com


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